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The Elven Smith

Mystic Storm Earrings: Rainbow Moonstone & gold fill

Mystic Storm Earrings: Rainbow Moonstone & gold fill

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Unleash the power of the storm with our "Mystic Storm" earrings, a captivating fusion of rainbow moonstone and lightning bolts. Crafted for the wise and the whimsical alike, these earrings beckon to those who seek to channel the energy of the elements and dance with the lightning in the sky.

For the Wise and the Whimsical:

A stud crafted from shimmering rainbow moonstone, its ethereal glow a reflection of the moon's gentle embrace. Three delicate chains dangle, each adorned with a silver lightning bolt that crackled with the promise of power and renewal.

The second stud a gold filled lightning bolt, a symbol of an affinity with the forces of nature. Together, these earrings speak of balance and harmony, of the union between light and shadow, and of the eternal dance between chaos and creation.

These earrings serve as a talisman of power and protection, guiding you on your journey through the realms of fantasy and reality.


  • Materials: Rainbow moonstone set in sterling silver, with three dangling chains adorned with silver lightning bolts, accompanied by a gold-filled lightning bolt stud.
  • Dimensions: Hanging 5.5cm from top to bottom. Designed for elegant wear, capturing attention without overwhelming the wearer.
  • Closure: Secure earring backs with butterflies ensure worry-free wear, allowing you to move through your day with confidence and grace.


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