The lore of the Glistening drop necklace

The lore of the Glistening drop necklace

When a piece is so magical, you need to give it lore.

Learn all about the inspiration behind the Glistening Drop necklace from the Wilderness Warrior collection.

For the Queen Within

In a distant land, shrouded in mystique and magic, there existed a kingdom where the moon held sway over all. It was said that within the heart of the Moonstone Mountains lay a cavern adorned with veins of the rarest kyanite, its vibrant blue hues a reflection of the midnight sky.

Legend spoke of a queen whose beauty rivalled that of the stars themselves. She was adorned in jewels befitting her celestial grace, but none held the allure of the kyanite and moonstone necklace gifted to her by a mysterious traveler from a distant realm.

Kyanite and moonstone choker necklace laying in a forest

Crafted by skilled artisans who channelled the essence of moonbeams and whispered incantations into each delicate facet, the necklace was more than just a piece of jewellery—it was a symbol of power, grace, and the untold secrets of the cosmos.

As the wearer adorned herself with the necklace, she felt a surge of otherworldly energy coursing through her veins, as if the very essence of the moon had chosen her as its vessel. With each shimmering kyanite and iridescent moonstone nestled against her skin, she felt a connection to a world beyond her own, a world where dreams and reality intertwined in a delicate dance.

Fair maiden wearing the glistening drop necklace


Now, centuries later, the magic of that ancient necklace lives on in the Glistening drop necklace. Crafted with the same reverence for the mystical and the sublime, it serves as a reminder to those who wear it that they are queens in their own right, with the power to shape their own destinies and weave their own tales of enchantment.

A one of a kind, you can purchase the Glistening drop necklace here.

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