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The Elven Smith

Enchanted Twilight Earrings: Coober Pedy Opal Doublets & Iolite

Enchanted Twilight Earrings: Coober Pedy Opal Doublets & Iolite

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Indulge in the whispers of twilight with the "Enchanted Twilight" earrings, a mesmerising blend of Coober Pedy opal doublets and deep purple iolite. Crafted for the modern-day princess who seeks to adorn herself in the magic of the night sky, these earrings offer a captivating journey into realms of fantasy and romance.

Legend speaks of a princess whose beauty rivaled that of the dawn itself, her eyes alight with the secrets of the cosmos and her spirit as boundless as the night sky. It was said that she possessed a collection of jewels imbued with the magic of the moon and the stars, each piece a testament to her royal lineage and her connection to the celestial realms.

For the Modern-Day Princess:

For the modern-day princess who walks the fine line between fantasy and reality, our "Enchanted Twilight" earrings offer a subtle nod to the worlds you holds dear. Whether you're commanding the boardroom or twirling under the stars at a midnight ball, these earrings serve as a reminder that magic exists in every moment, waiting to be discovered by those with eyes to see and hearts to believe.


  • Materials: Five Coober Pedy opal doublets set in sterling silver, each earring featuring a deep purple iolite at the end of a dangling silver chain.
  • Dimensions: 10.5cm from top to bottom of the chain. Suitable for elegant wear, capturing attention without being overwhelming.
  • Closure: Secure earring pin and butterfly back ensure worry-free wear, allowing you to move through your day with grace and confidence.


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