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The Elven Smith

Guardian aura ring

Guardian aura ring

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Embark on a journey of valour and grace with our "Guardian aura" ring, a symbol of strength and resilience crafted from giraffe turquoise and sterling silver. Fit for a female knight who walks the path of honour and courage, this ring is a timeless tribute to the defenders of light in a world shrouded in shadows.

It was said that the old Guardians possessed a ring imbued with the essence of the land itself—a ring forged from giraffe turquoise. Set in sterling silver, the ring captured the vibrant hues of the savannah sky, it's patterns a testament to the untamed beauty of the wilderness.

For the modern Knight:

For the modern-day female knight who walks the path of honour and courage, our "Guardian aura" ring offers a subtle yet striking reminder of the strength that resides within you. Whether you're leading the troops into battle or navigating the challenges of everyday life, this ring serves as a talisman of resilience and determination, guiding you on your quest to defend truth and justice in a world filled with chaos and uncertainty.


  • Materials: Giraffe turquoise set in sterling silver, crafted with precision and passion for the noble cause ahead.
  • Fit: Size M (6.25 US) ensures a comfortable and secure fit for all-day wear


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