Partner collaborations

Over here at The Elven Smith I really value the meaning of a community; A place where you can feel like yourself and be who you really are. With my jewellery I aim to help you tell your story of self expression with unique designs.

With creating partner collaborations, I want to celebrate those who create those worlds and homes where people go to connect and enjoy being their whole selves.

By shopping the Partner collections you will be support two small businesses! For every piece you buy, you are supporting the partners with a percentage of every sale going directly to them.

So who are the content creators who I have partnered with?
Check them out below and go join their wonderful community of fun loving friends!


Is a variety Twitch streamer from Canada. Her channel features games, fun kitchen streams, lego and cosplay. The community is friendly and welcoming with a healthy dose of chatting about Star Trek, Star Wars, or food.

With Nalvara's Peruvian heritage and understated style, we have created collections that reflect not only her personal aesthetic but also have made to order as a staple element to ensure all in the community can be a part of this exciting partnership.

You can check out Nalvara's communities here

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Coco Confession

Is a full-time variety Twitch streamer and musician from Los Angeles!
On her channel Coco plays a lot of Retro and Indie games along with the occasional speedrun of A Link to the Past. On very special occasions, Coco also plays music on stream!

With two cats Booger (Boogs) and Nugget, Coco has an open and welcoming community that are always there to make her laugh. 

With Coco's soulful emo style, we have been able to create collections that push the boundaries with sass and a whole lot of fun! As an advocate for inclusivity, Coco's collections are all designed with made to order elements in mind. Allowing anyone the ability to size and customise to their own design

You can check out Coco's communities here

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8BitDee at her stream set up
Is a full-time variety Twitch streamer from the east coast of America.

On her channel Dee plays a lot of Retro and Indie games and has her PHD in Final Fantasy!

Called the Pixel Palace, her Twitch community is open and welcoming, advocating for a cozy place that anyone can enjoy themselves

Having been diagnosed with Lupus, Dee is an advocate for keeping it real every day and sharing the ups and downs - and together with her community has fundraised over $100,000 for Lupus research so far.

Dee's style is a beautiful mix of dainty and statement designs, but it's key that it be accessible to all. We have focused on creating pieces that are one of a kind, but able to tailor to your needs. Sizing rings, chain lengths and styles, you can make it work for you.
You will see plenty of retro inspired looks with colour to fill your nostaglia needs!

You can check out Dee's communities here

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