Behind the scenes

Creating unique handmade jewellery that reflects my love of nature, colour and adventure! 

Originally from NZ, I have been designing and making jewellery in various forms for over 15 years.

I fell in love with jewellery long ago, playing with pieces in my Grandmother's jewellery box! I was a magpie and loved anything that sparkled!
When I was 16 I went to a girl's birthday where she took us to a beading workshop ad I made my first necklace out of Paua shell, I have never felt so proud!
Over the years my love of jewellery grew and I took control of my learning using YouTube and any book I could get my hand on. 

In 2017, I did a 5 day silver course in Hatton Garden with London Jewellery Academy have never looked back, setting up a small studio in my spare bedroom.

I now live in London with my husband and 14 year old cat Neo - he loves to help out in the studio... when he isn't trying to drag me away to feed him treats, (Neo not the husband).

Being from NZ, I love the outdoors and take inspiration from nature - in particular the night sky, forests, mountains and the ocean! I love to travel and have found architecture a huge influence over my style. I particularly favour Art Deco and Art Nouveau - using strong bold lines and swirling motion.

Colour is something I value in my designs and my daily life. I love to clash colours together to make it pop against a grey winters day or add the extra flair to a classic cut dress. I have a fascination with gemstones of all kinds and have a collection that is bordering on out of control! 


I like to make it so you can be a part of the pieces that I create! I rarely take commissions as I balance a full time job with my love of silversmithing, but you can watch the behind the scenes with me live on Twitch.

I do giveaways, showcase of gemstones and run through collection designs - which you can help choose what is made! You can find me at

I hope you enjoy looking around my site and find something just right for you!

xx Elise