Three silver cuffs with lapis lazuli and chrysocola

Unlocking your winter wardrobe style

As you wrap up in layers for winter, don't let your jewellery get lost in the knitwear. Here are my quick tips to on how to style your jewellery and make sure your handmade pieces shine even in the coldest of seasons.

Wear Big, Not Stacked

  • Embrace the statement rings during winter. Opt for bold designs - easy to spot and adds a delightful pop of colour. Wearing one or two makes for easy combining with gloves, but doesn't compromise on style.

    Wear Bold

    • Combat the dark tones of winter with bold wide cuffs. The sparkle of gold or silver adds a touch of glam. Consider incorporating bright gemstones to infuse warmth into your look, as cuffs and bracelets effortlessly peek through the layers of woollens and knits.



    Brooches for Fun

    • A rainbow of sterling silver necklace made with gemstones from opal to amethystBring a little fun to your winter wardrobe with a fun coloured brooch! A great way to decorate your coat, bags or even shoes! Experiment with modern designs like our Aurora Opal lightning bolts or bring the vintage designs to life.


    Simple Designs, No Snags

    • Keep it hassle-free with simple, clean-lines and avoid sharp edged jewellery that catch on soft fabrics. Simple silhouettes and rounded edges so you can say goodbye to torn threads and hello to worry-free accessorising. 


      Long, Not Layered

      • Swap complicated layers for the simplicity of long-length chains. They gracefully avoid snagging in scarves and compliment high necks while providing an elongated silhouette.

        Wear Studs

        • In the chilly season, studs or short drop earrings are your go-to companions as they won't get entangled in high necks or scarves!

        During the cold, let your handmade jewellery steal the spotlight. Embracing bold statements, playful brooches, and the simple designs to create your winter style. 


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