The Lore Behind the Summer Collection

The Lore Behind the Summer Collection

Imagine a world where every sunrise brings new adventures, and each sunset is filled with laughter. 

Well, while we wait for the UK summer to download, let me show you the new Petite Capsule Collection where each of these treasures is the key to unlocking the magic of the summer!

Summer muse

A mini collection for sure with only 7 different pieces, it is inspired by the magic of long laughter filled days, catching up with those you love, and endless nights under the stars.

The Essence 

The Petite Capsule Collection is an ode to versatility, minimalism, and timeless elegance. These pieces are crafted to accompany you from dawn to dusk, effortlessly transitioning from casual days to memorable nights. 

They are created to be worn time and again, embodying the simple joys that align with the spirit of adventuring, staying out all night and not wanting to feel burdened by things weighing you down.

The Palette of Dreams

Each of the designs reflect a symphony of summer's vibrant colors. From the water’s bright green blending seamlessly with the deep orange of a setting sun, and the purples of flowers that only bloom in the height of summer.
Kyanite, iolite and moonstone are brought together to compliment you and a vibrant summer palette. The designs are understated, ensuring they enhance your day rather than overshadow it.

With the cooling colour of sterling silver, the pop of warmth from the 9ct gold in the two ring sets is a perfect contrast.

Celestial Moonstone and iolite necklace worn by model

Weaving the Perfect Ensemble

One of my favourite pieces in this collection is the Celestial Rainfall Necklace.

 Pair it with a flowing, pastel-colored dress or a simple blouse and jeans. The luminous moonstone and deep iolite drops will catch the sunlight, for that extra touch of beauty!

  1. Evening Glamour
    As twilight descends, let the necklace transform your look into one of sophistication. Combine it with a sleek, off-the-shoulder dress or a soft blouse. The cascading chains will be mesmerising, just like the evening stars in the night sky.
  2. Bohemian Charm
    For a whimsical, bohemian flair, layer with other delicate chains and pendants. Wear it with a breezy, patterned maxi dress or a peasant top and flowing skirt. The combination of layers and textures will evoke the free-spirited essence of summer festivals and gatherings.
  3. Casual Chic
    Achieve an effortlessly chic look by pairing the necklace with a simple singlet and your favorite jeans. The understated design ensures it complements rather than overpowers your outfit, making it perfect for casual outings or relaxed social gatherings.

The Petite Capsule Collection is more than mere jewelry; it is a tribute to summer's ephemeral beauty. Explore the collection and revel in the summer magic, finding treasures that echo your style and remind you of your favourite times.

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