Introducing Our Twitch Partners: Celebrating Community and Creativity

Introducing Our Twitch Partners: Celebrating Community and Creativity

Meet the partners who make this community whole

In the vibrant world of Twitch streaming, where pixels and nostalgia collide, we've found not just collaborators, but kindred spirits who breathe life into the timeless worlds of retro gaming. Allow us to introduce you to the dynamic trio behind our exclusive jewelry collaborations, each bringing their unique flair and passion to the screen.


Meet 8bitDee, the enchantress of retro gaming with a fervent devotion to the Final Fantasy series. With her, every pixel is a piece of art, every storyline a journey through the annals of gaming history. Through her streams, she doesn't just play the games; she weaves narratives, invokes emotions, and fosters a community that cherishes the magic of classic RPGs.

Coco Confession

Next up is Coco Confession, a force of nature in the retro gaming scene, with an unmistakable emo streak and an unparalleled mastery of Zelda. In her hands, Hyrule becomes a canvas, and every quest an epic saga of courage, wisdom, and heart. With Coco, gaming transcends mere entertainment; it becomes a deeply personal experience, a testament to the enduring power of storytelling.


And then there's Nalvara, our Canadian gem whose passion for retro games knows no bounds. With a childhood filled with unfulfilled gaming dreams, she now embraces every pixelated adventure with a fervor that's truly infectious. From Star Wars to Star Trek, Nalvara's streams are a celebration of nostalgia, exploration, and the boundless possibilities of the retro gaming universe.


But our collaborations goes beyond admiration; it's rooted in a shared passion for supporting female creators and small businesses. For me, crafting jewelry is not just an art form; it's a means of nurturing creativity, fostering community, and uplifting fellow women in the creative industry.

With every piece crafted exclusively for their communities, we pay homage to the content they produce and the bonds they forge. And what's more, each partner receives a percentage of the profits, ensuring that their passion not only sustains their communities but also supports their endeavours as creators.

So, why do we work with them? Because they're more than just streamers; they're architects of nostalgia, curators of joy, and guardians of the retro gaming legacy.

Together, we're not just crafting jewelry; we're crafting memories, one pixel at a time. Join us as we create one masterpiece at a time!

Read more about each partner on our partner page.

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